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Edward Hopkins firearms licenses permit. [DENIED]

Edward Hopkins firearms licenses permit.

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Edward Hopkins firearms licenses permit. [DENIED]

Post by OGJuwan » August 12th, 2017, 11:54 pm




    [] 1.1 First name:Edward
    [] 1.2 Last name:Hopkins
    [] 1.3 Middle name:Frank

    [] 1.4 Gender:Male
    [] 1.5 Ethnicity:White

    [] 1.6 Date of Birth:1825
    [] 1.7 Place of Birth: (( Las Barrancas))
    [] 1.8 Place of Residence:Las Barrancas.
    [] 1.9 San Andreas Passport Holder: Yes.

    [] 2.1 Criminal past:None

    [] 2.2 Why are you applying for this type of license? (min. 150 words)

    > As a citizen of the USA and an amazing member of it I have the right to step forward for a huge step protect myself my family my slaves even if I get a farm or a house every single person has the right to protect himself at any way...Now I've been facing problems with bandits and outlaws I don't think they would stop or even get to know that I don't mess with illegal stuff the deputies does their job properly I respect that but what I want is something active in the middle of the scene to stop the mess around me protect my self and the attackers bandits and secure peace into brains and hearts and have an access as a white american to stop against the devil and stand by the lord.Citizens has the right to stay safe live in peace get cash live their life.

    [] 2.3 How do we ensure that you will properly handle and secure your weapon? (min. 100 words)

    > First off I'll start with a with a pledge that it won't get abused or used in an illegal activity as well as my family the weapon will be secured away from slaves, children, crazy people, killers, robbers, and more. The bullet shells should have a serial number would be registered to my gun if it was used in a wrong way.As a weapon it should be treated carefully and with caution shooting isn't the deal placing one bullet or maybe putting it empty will do the job or scare away the robbers bandits.Would be having a way to contact the deputies as soon as anything happens or occurs not instantly grab my gun and start shooting like a maniac.

    [] 2.4 Describe three situations that would have been different if you would have had a permit

    > I'd escort my cargoes in a safe way without any bandits on my way.
    I'd get my workers safe and make them feel like it.
    If I don't have a license I'd never feel safe and get attacked at any second robbed at any second.
  • SECTION 3: Weapon Description

    [] 1.1 Which firearm(s) are you planning to purchase and stock up regularly?

  • (( OOC SECTION ))

    [] 1.1 Master account:Juwan
    [] 1.2 Picture of In-Game Stats (/stats):

    Please state below, in your own words (copying may lead to a ban from applying), that you are aware of these regulations and the consequences that will follow if they are violated:Copying may lead to ban from applying my last application got denied because this was closed so I made the same one.

    I am aware of copying is banable.

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Re: Edward Hopkins firearms licenses permit.

Post by Waka » August 13th, 2017, 4:23 pm


ResultWe have recieved your application and we are writing to inform you that we have come to a plausible conclusion on your application.

After a background check and extensive review, we regret to inform you that we have decided to deny your application and that the process stops here for you.

Depending on the notes below, you may still have a chance at applying however it should be specifically outlined.

Thank you!

NoteReason for denial: Failure to go in depth in application, therefore it has been denied
You can post a new applicaiton in one week


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